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Be part of an organization that is reinventing the way retail does business! 

Supplier/Service Company Path to Retail  Retailer/Wholesaler Path to Discovery

Two Annual Marketing Conferences

A variety of prescheduled face-to-face meeting formats that enable you to capitalize on General Merchandise and Selfcare categories.

Two Annual City Immersion Events

We run several City Immersions per year through our Retail Tomorrow initiative. These Immersions typically last two full days and include store tours, listening to pitches from entrepreneurs, and visits to inventive companies to learn what is behind their success.

Exclusive Member Resources & Tools

  • GMDC*ConnectYear-round video-conferencing services.
  • Member DirectorySearchable retailer, wholesaler, supplier, and service/solution company profiles.
  • Industry & Consumer InsightsGMDC exclusive next-practice research with actionable insights.
  • Free Infocasts:  Regular research presented by GMDC partners and leading research agencies in retail.
  • Selfcare Roadmap: Interactive insight tool with store solutions & product assortment ideas for selfcare consumers.
  • GM & HBW Category POS: Current and historical tracking data.
  • GMDC AcademyAn online course that provides suppliers with actionable information on how to better prepare for success at retail.  Member-only pricing is available.
  • GM Member Launchpad: A guide for how to maximize your membership ROI. 
  • GMDC Mobile App:  Have constant access to our Member Directory and conference info. Download from the App Store or Google Play.