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GMDC Benchmarking Report: Winning in GM


Why are so many brick-and-mortar retailers giving up on important and highly-profitable categories and thinking that all nonfoods are leaking to the e-com channel?


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Retail is Dead?...just wait a minute!


Brick and mortar stores have the opportunity for vitality and relevancy in the future only if they are able to shed legacy-thinking of what they offer, and how they serve it to their shoppers. They also must understand that stores by 2025 will look nothing like they are today.

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A Call-To-Action to Evolve with Shoppers & End Under-Performing Retail


For many stores, the time has run out to fix assortments and merchandising strategies with an existing mindset. It's time for a total transformation. Stagnant thinking has drained sales and customer loyalty for years and some are afraid to admit it. 

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Shoppers Expect More (and less) at the Front of Stores: Close the $2B Gap


Change for Brick-and-Mortar is inevitable. With over 5000 store closings in 2017, it is predicted that even more will close in 2018. What does it take to survive? Recognize the key areas of your store where you are able to make a first and last impression. That means the checkout lane and front aisles for physical retailers are the pivotal areas to innovate in epic proportions. Future resets will make or break huge dividends in customer engagement and financial performance of the future.

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The Uberization of Healthcare


Empowerment in the healthcare continuum is shifting as more patients take control of their health decisions and needs. Deficiencies in the current system include inadequate preparation for the next care setting, Rx adherence, diet food consumption post-surgery, and conflicting advice for illness management that repeatedly leaves follow-up or coordination assistance.

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What Products Matter at Physical Retail...More Than Ever?


Amid the rapid expansion of e-commerce and click-and-collect grocery shopping in today’s quickly-evolving environment, retailers, wholesalers and brands must work together and focus on innovative ways to drive sales of general merchandise and health and beauty care in the supermarket, according to Patrick Spear, President / CEO of Global Market Development Center (GMDC), and Mark Mechelse, Director of Research, Industry Insights & Communications.

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PAIN: Delivered by E-com to Conventional Retailers. When will it stop?


There’s good and bad in the tale of why shoppers decrease visits to physical stores and are shifting to online. Before reading further, check this out...

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The "Why" Behind Natural & Organic and What Retailers Must Do


Health is a universally positive attribute

It is a marker of growth and prosperity for individuals, families, communities, and societies. Health and wellness products inside the retail space are the most important offering that a store can offer.

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The Skinny On Curbside: Why Does It Matter In Retail?


It’s hard to turn around these days without another new online grocery announcement.

One of the biggest factors that concerns both retailers and manufacturers about Click-and-Collect – and online grocery shopping models, in general – is that shoppers no longer have to come into the store, where they often wander aisles, browse premium offers and are prompted to make impulse purchases, including that of non-food items which represent many of the highest profit margins in the store.

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On Your Mind & In Your Product: The Transparency Trend


Being healthy isn't new, but distilling ingredients, understanding the source of manufacturing and identifying indecipherable product labels are.

Follow the Consumer. Not History.

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Know Thy Shopper: Retailers Cannot Ignore Tech!


Today, 30% of digital shoppers say they spend about a quarter of their food budget online, according to a study from Nielsen. And the forecast calls for ongoing rapid change in a relatively brief time period. 

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Whole Store Approach for the Consumer/Patient: Leveraging Rx


The importance of building prescription volume and the positioning of the store as a destination for health products and services is recognized today more than ever. 

Long-time-coming. Rarely satisfied.

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