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Preview Box

The Preview Box allows Suppliers to place products into the hands of every Retailer/Wholesaler attending the conference, before the conference begins! Retailers/Wholesalers are able to see, touch and use new or best-selling products and innovative packaging prior to their arrival. This way there's no time spent in your appointment having to explain your product.

What do I need to know?

  • Supplier members submit the products they wish to include in the Preview Boxes to GMDC. 
  • GMDC reviews each entry and based on the size of the box, chooses which products will be included.
  • The boxes are consolidated and shipped to the Retailers/Wholesalers approximately 10 days prior to the conference.
  • Cost is $300 per item and 200 Samples


How do I sign up?

Log into myGMDC via the button below to register for the conference and sign up to participate in the Preview Box.
Register  Steps to Enter a Preview Box


Call 719.576.4260 or email [email protected]