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Retailers are looking for new products... help them find yours! The Showcase provides a venue for Suppliers to display products and merchandising vehicles during the conference.

What do I need to know?

  • Every attending Retailer/Wholesaler is scheduled to review the Showcase guaranteeing product exposure. 
  • Suppliers receive real-time electronic updates as Retailer/Wholesalers use handheld mobile scanner devices to capture items of interest, facilitating additional on-site appointment and post-conference sales leads.
  • Receptions are hosted in the Showcase to promote casual product discussions.
  • The top 10 buyer-scanned items are posted throughout the conference, recognized in a post-conference press release, uploaded to the GMDC website and highlighted in the Business Spotlight e-newsletter!

How do I sign up?

Log into myGMDC to register for the conference and sign up to participate in the Showcase.
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What are my Showcase options?


Regular Showcase: 

Present any type of merchandising vehicle to display your products including: floor or counter-top displays, clip strips, wing panels, and individual retail items. 

  • GMDC will set-up displays for participating companies
  • $350 per entry

Showcase Plus: 

Elevate your visibility and take your Showcase entry to a new level by displaying your entire product line on 4-foot in-line retail sections. 

  • Companies are responsible for own set-up, gondolas are available for rental from GES Exposition Services
  • $800 per 4-foot in-line section 


Call 719.576.4260 or email [email protected]