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GM19 Meetings & Appointments

Strategic Marketing & Planning

3 unique meeting formats are available to help suppliers meet with retail buyers face-to-face in pre-scheduled meetings. Each format is tailored to help companies build upon existing business relationships or to develop new ones. Established suppliers will have a chance to meet with buyers to evaluate existing product and marketing programs, while new members will have the opportunity to meet with each retailer in attendance during sessions created just for them.


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MOR Appointments | June 14 - 15, 2019

New members attending GM19 will have an opportunity to meet with all retail buyers. The Market On-Ramp (MOR) Program was created in order to give new and upcoming suppliers a chance to present their products and establish business relationships with some of the country's largest retailers and wholesalers. These meetings are the gateway to getting your products onto store shelves and into consumer's hands. 

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CCC Appointments | June 15 -16, 2019

Our Connect Collaborate Create meetings are face-to-face, speed networking appointments selected by retail buyers. 10 or 20-minute pre-scheduled meetings are conducted in order to build upon existing partner relationships, evaluate products and marketing strategies, or to establish new collaborations between established supplier members. 

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SEC Meetings | June 17, 2019

Strategic Executive Connection (SEC) Meetings are set-up to provide established suppliers with the opportunity to meet with retailers for in-depth, long-range planning sessions. SEC'S are 30-minute pre-scheduled MEETINGS where strategic program evaluations take place in private hotel suites behind closed doors. 

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We can answer any questions you may have about the 2019 GM Conference. Contact us today to get registered, sign-up for meetings, or to get more information about programs and events. 

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