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Selfcare Summit Learning Tracks

Selfcare is not merely an evolution of retail, but a revolution – a rewiring of consumers’ expectations. That’s why the Selfcare Summit is offering education opportunities to empower the industry to thrive in this new environment and hear about what’s next.

This looks like retail panel discussions on the impact of Selfcare on the store, benchmarking reports and case studies on best-in-class Selfcare business models, community collaboration, and introductions to initiatives that impact localized Selfcare shoppers.

These sessions are open to anyone: consumers, influencers, innovators, bloggers, store designers, sellers, trainers, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, buyers, and anyone who is interested in Selfcare – you don’t even need to be a member of GMDC!

Registration Information

Learning Tracks Schedule

*Please note times and events are subject to change

FRIDAY, October 4
6:30 am  -   6:00 pm       Registration Open
8:00 am  - 12:00 pm       Learning Tracks
1:00 pm  -   6:00 pm       Learning Tracks

SATURDAY, October 5                           
6:30 am  -   6:00 pm       Registration Open
8:00 am  - 11:30 am       Learning Track
1:30 pm  -   6:00 pm       Learning Tracks

SUNDAY, October 6
6:30 am  -   5:30 pm       Registration Open
8:00 am  - 12:00 pm       Learning Tracks
1:00 pm  -   5:00 pm       Learning Tracks

Learning Track Themes

Rise of the Shopper

The inaugural Selfcare Summit will feature 4 track themes:

Track 1: New Collaborative Models

  • Challenging Conventional Thinking
  • Healthcare for Tomorrow
  • Integrating Healthcare Professionals with Retail

Track 2: The Selfcare Consumer

  • Driving Growth with the Selfcare Roadmap
  • Storytelling and Management Influencers
  • Insights to Activation

Track 3: FutureStores (Retail Tomorrow)

  • Differentiated Experiences that tap Consumer Desires
  • In-Store Technologies that Enhance Shopper Experience
  • New Services & Store Design from the Selfcare Model

Track 4: Natural Selfcare / CBD

  • Evolution of Homeopathic Science
  • Becoming a Destination for Natural
  • Emerging Trends & Demographics
  • CBD Insights & Opportunities

Speakers for individual sessions will be announced as the date of the Summit gets closer.

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If you would like to participate in our Learning Tracks as a presenter or panelist or take part in one of our fundraising events, please contact us today for more information.

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