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Frictionless Shopping


The rumors of retail disruption have become reality and many stores are faced with complete transformation or extinction. While the landscape continues to evolve rapidly, retailers find it extremely difficult to curate new assortments quickly both in-store and online, offer the right selection for a local shopper, and offer new services and technologies that integrate seamlessly into the experience.
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The Health & Wellness Minded Consumer


Technology has made your average shopper a more health and wellness-minded consumer. With endless amounts of information at their fingertips, shoppers are looking for items on store shelves that promote healthy practices, education, and self-care.  
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Center Store / Front End is Essential to Total Store


Data and extensive research show that the center of the store provides the highest profit margins. By connecting food to nonfood items, the sales of both can grow cohesively. When stores have a relevant center store strategy in place, it benefits both the company and the consumer and drives trip and loyalty.
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