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Gender Fair




Gender Fair is proud to be a GMDC|Retail Tomorrow strategic partner and to offer exclusive discounts on its services to GMDCIRetail Tomorrow members. 

What is Gender Fair? 

  • The standard of gender equality used to rate organizations on their investment in fairness and inclusivity. 
  • A consumer-facing platform that can position your company as a leader in accelerating equality and engage your consumers.
  • A trusted partner in diversity and inclusion benchmarking and improvement.


Gender Fair can help you:

  • Identify areas where your organization can advance gender equality through our Gender Fair Assessment and Roadmap
  • Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to your customers 
  • Gain competitive advantage through social advocacy and brand differentiation
  • Attract and retain new talent!


Learn More 

Re-watch a free infocast with Gender Fair featuring CVS Health to hear more about what Gender Fair offers and how we can help you accelerate equality and leverage the benefits of diversity in your company. 

For questions or inquiries, please contact:

Gender Fair 
(646) 397-9184
[email protected]