GM20 MOR Appointments

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GM20 MOR Appointments

Market On-Ramp Appointments

The Market On-Ramp (MOR) program is tailored to introduce new supplier and service companies to the GMDC | Retail Tomorrow network. Retailers will be introduced to each new company through face-to-face meetings during the conference with a chance for additional networking in our Showcase (programs included in your registration).

  • Recommended for first-time supplier/service company members

  • Venue for retailers/wholesalers seeking to discover new products

  • Venue for new suppliers/service companies looking to introduce products to the market

  • Prescheduled, 8-minute meetings

Deadline For Program Entry Is August 21st

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Cost To Attend

New Members: $7,000

Includes: Membership cost, 1 registrant fee, 1 Preview Box Entry, 1 Showcase Entry, and pre-conference onboarding program.

Key Dates

The deadline for new members to register for GM20 and participate in MOR Appointments in August 21st

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Get Prepared

The GM Supplier Launchpad is the best tool for New Members to make sure they are prepared for the conference. This digital "roadmap" will help you prep for your meetings, programs, travel, and other events taking place at GM20.

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Meeting Floor Policy

Be sure to read over our conference guidelines regarding the meeting floor.

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MOR Appointment Floor

Contact Us

Please contact us with questions about registering for GM20 and participating in our Market On-Ramp program. 

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