GM20 New Supplier Member Registration

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GM20 New Supplier Member Registration

The General Merchandise Conference is the only one of its kind in the industry. Where else can you have a year’s worth of meetings in a few days? Meet with retailers, showcase your products, and hear relevant insights to help your business grow. GM20 is ripe with opportunities for your company!

Mic-Drop Quick Pitches Deadline is August 21st

Market On-Ramp (MOR) Appointments Deadline is August 21st

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Need To Know

Cost To Attend

Mic-Drop Quick Pitches - $6,500

Market On-Ramp (MOR) Appointments - $7,000

Price includes 1 registrant fee, membership fee, 1 Preview Box entry, 1 Showcase entry, and pre-conference preparation 


Mic-Drop Quick Pitches - August 21st

Market On-Ramp (MOR) Appointments - August 21st

Mic-Drop Quick Pitches     Market On-Ramp Appointments

Travel & Accommodations

Visit our travel page to book your hotel, access ground transportation coupons, and view GM20 accommodation policies.

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Important Dates

Check all the important dates and deadlines.

Pre-Conference Deadlines    Conference Agenda

Market On-Ramp (MOR) Appointments

New members attending GM20 will have an opportunity to meet with all attending retail buyers. The Market On-Ramp (MOR) Program was created to give new and upcoming suppliers a chance to present their products and establish business relationships with some of the country's largest retailers and wholesalers. These meetings are the gateway to getting your products onto store shelves and into consumer's hands.  

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Mic-Drop Quick Pitches

New Suppliers who have a story to tell are well suited for our Mic-Drop Quick Pitches. This program facilitates a 1-to-many structure that allows you to make an impactful impression on all attending buyers in a 6-minute presentation. Prior to the conference you will receive 1-on-1 professional coaching to help you perfect your pitch and increase your chances of impressing retailers. Once you've concluded your presentation you will have an opportunity to meet with buyers in the Showcase where they can directly interact with you and your product(s). 

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Product Programs

GM20 will be all about product discovery. Our Preview Box program allows suppliers to send selected products directly to retail buyers attending the show BEFORE it begins. During the conference, suppliers can display their products in a store-like environment through the Showcase program. Both programs are included in your registration cost, but you do need to submit your entries before the deadlines below.

Preview Box Sign Up Deadline July 24th
Showcase Sign Up Deadline August 21st

Preview Box     Showcase

Networking Events

Make business acquaintances your friends by spending time with them outside of meetings. Receptions and meals are great opportunities to solidify your relationships and go deeper into partnership.

Learning Tracks

Consumer-focused market research, insights, and data provided in these sessions help retailers and suppliers alike find success within general merchandise categories and trends.

Terms & Conditions

View policies regarding conference guidelines, staying off-premises, canceling and refunds, schedule conflicts, and more in our Terms & Conditions.

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Contact Us

Please contact us with questions about becoming a GMDC member and attending our 2020 GM Conference.

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