About GM20

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About GM20

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak currently impacting industry events, we have decided to reschedule our 2020 General Merchandise Conference to run concurrently with our 2020 Selfcare Summit this fall at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. While the GM Conference and Selfcare Summit events will be co-located, registration and programming for each event will be separate. GM20 will take place September 30 - October 4, while Selfcare Summit will run October 1 - 5. 

Conference programming and schedules are currently being developed. Please check back regularly for updates. 

Buyer/Seller Formats For Members

2 unique meeting formats are available to help established suppliers meet with retail buyers face-to-face in pre-scheduled meetings. The Buyer's Choice (formerly CCC's) Appointments were engineered by GMDC as an innovative solution to the industry problem of not having time or resources to meet with all the companies you’d like to meet. These consist of 10 or 20-minute pre-scheduled appointments. Each format is tailored to help companies build upon existing business relationships or to develop new ones. Strategic Executive Connection (SEC) Meetings are 30-minute seller-hosted meetings that take place in private meeting rooms between top level executives. 

*All Retailer and Wholesaler attendees will be scheduled to participate in the Buyer's Choice Appointments.

Buyer/Seller Formats For New Members

New supplier members will have the option to participate in one of our 2 meeting formats created specificially for them. New at GM20 is the Mic-Drop Quick Pitch & Showcase program. This format consists of 6-minute presentations given by new suppliers to all attending buyers at once. These pitch opportunities give new members, startups, and upcoming innovators a chance to present their products, services, or technologies. The Market On-Ramp (MOR) Appointment program is tailored to introduce new supplier and service companies to the GMDC network. Retailers will be introduced to each new company through pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings where suppliers can make their pitch to each buyer one at a time over the course of a day.

*All Retailer and Wholesaler attendees will be scheduled to particpatate in these programs.


The GM Conference is all about product discovery. Our Preview Box program allows suppliers to send selected products directly to retail buyers attending the show BEFORE it begins. During the conference, suppliers can also display their products in a store like environment through the Showcase program. 

Preview Box Deadline is July 24th

Showcase Deadline is August 21st

Preview Box     Showcase

GM20 will take place at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. We are currently updating our Travel and Accomodations page. Please contact [email protected] with any questions about your previous reservation or making a new one for Atlanta. 

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Please contact us with questions about attending our 2020 GM Conference.

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