GM20 Buyer's Choice Appointments

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GM20 Buyer's Choice Appointments

Buyer's Choice

The Buyer’s Choice Program offers discovery and business planning appointments conducted on our GMDC*Connect virtual meeting platform. Buyers will be utilizing an online “Discovery Guide” to identify the Sellers they wish to meet with, and to suggest meeting times and durations (15 or 30 minutes) with selected Sellers. Sellers will subsequently have the option to either accept, modify, or deny all such meeting requests, and will only be charged for the Buyer’s Choice meetings that they accept.

  • 15 or 30-minute meetings

  • Self-scheduled appointments*

  • Taking place October 12-23

Seller companies must register by September 16th


Need To Know

Cost To Attend

Sellers - $300 per meeting up to $4500

Buyers - no cost

Key Dates

The seller deadline to register for GM20 and participate in the Buyer's Choice Appointments is September 16th

Update Your Profile

Make sure your company profile in the Member Directory is up to date before you participate in your Buyer's Choice Appointments.

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Contact Us

Contact us regarding questions about registering for GM20 or participating in the the Buyer's Choice Appointments.

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