GM20 Buyer's Choice Appointments

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GM20 Buyer's Choice Appointments

Buyer's Choice

Our Buyer’s Choice Tabletops are face-to-face, speed networking appointments selected by retail buyers. 10 or 20-minute pre-scheduled meetings are conducted in order to build upon existing partner relationships, evaluate products and marketing strategies, or to establish new partnerships with buyers. These meetings are recommended for existing GMDC Supplier members or established Suppliers who are new to GMDC.​​

  • 10 or 20-minute meetings

  • Buyer & seller level participants

  • Pre-scheduled appointments*

Companies Must Register By August 21st

Register Here

*While these meetings are “Buyer’s Choice”, sellers do have the opportunity to influence buyers prior to the selection process – learn more when you register.

Need To Know

Cost To Attend

Buyer's Choice Appointments are included in the cost of registration. 

Suppliers - $2,295 

Retailers - $500 first attendee | $250 each additional attendee

Key Dates

The deadline to register for GM20 and participate in the Buyer's Choice Appointments is August 21st

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Update Your Profile

Make sure your company profile is up to date before you participate in your Buyer's Choice Appointments.

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Meeting Floor Policy

Be sure to read over our conference guidelines regarding the meeting floor.

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Buyer's Choice Floor

Contact Us

Contact us regarding questions about registering for GM20 or participating in the the Buyer's Choice Appointments.

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