GM20 Preview Box

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GM20 Preview Box

This pre-conference program is designed to stir up excitement and provide a sneak-peek to buyers to see what products will be at the virtual GM20 event. All seller companies are welcome to participate. All buyer companies receive boxes.

  • Supplier members submit the products they wish to include in the Preview Boxes to GMDC. 

  • GMDC reviews each entry and based on the size of the box, chooses which products will be included.

  • The boxes are consolidated and shipped to the Retailers/Wholesalers approximately 10 days prior to the conference.

Deadline to sign up for Preview Box is August 28th

Sign Up For Preview Box

Need To Know

Cost To Participate

$325 per item and 250 samples

All Buyer companies will receive a Preview Box.


Why Participate?

This year, the Preview Box is more important than ever as Buyers won't be able to walk a Showcase and see your products displayed. Make sure they get their hands on your product before virtual GM20 meetings start on October 5th.

Preview Box Instructions


Contact Us

Please contact us with questions about participating in the Preview Box and other GM20 programs.

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