GM20 Showcase

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GM20 Showcase

We know your displays tell the story. Suppliers can set up their products how they are in a store context for retailers and other members to see during GM20. Retailers have scheduled appointments to walk the Showcase where they can scan what products they like, updating suppliers in real-time. Additional product exposure will also take place during our Showcase Receptions. One showcase entry is included in registraion for new members.

  • Every attending buyer is scheduled to tour the Showcase which guarantees your product is seen.

  • Receive real-time updates as buyers scan items of interest and facilitate additional on-site appointments.

  • The top 10 retailer scanned items are recognized at the conference and in the post-conference news release.

Deadline to Sign Up For Showcase is August 21st

Sign Up For Showcase


Need To Know

Cost To Participate

Regular Showcase - $375 per entry*

Showcase Plus - $850 per Full In-Line Retail Section

*One Showcase entry is included in MOR & Mic-Drop registration. 

Why Participate? 

Showcase enables additional points of valuable exposure during and after the conference. You can highlight featured products, promotions, and merchandising innovations to every attending retailer and wholesaler, each of whom is scheduled by appointment to tour the Showcase.   

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Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions about participating in Showcase or other GM20 programs.

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