GM20 Terms & Conditions

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GM20 Terms & Conditions

Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy

A 50% refund will be considered if a written request for registration cancellation is submitted on or before the conference registration deadline. Refunds will not be approved for any cancellation requests received after the conference registration deadline. All requests should be sent to [email protected]

Conflicting Meetings and Social Events

In the interest of the success of the entire conference, attendees agree not to extend invitations, call meetings, or otherwise encourage the absence of members or other attendees from the conference during official GMDC activities, events and programming.

Conference Guidelines

  • Your conference badge is required to gain access to all GM20 meetings and events. Please make sure it's worn at all times. 
  • Respect and hold to your SEC/Buyer's Choice/Market On-Ramp (MOR), and Mic-Drop Quick Pitch appointments.
  • For Buyer's Choice and Market On-Ramp (MOR) appointments, conclude and recap your discussions at the 1-minute warning announcement.
  • Individuals are not permitted on the conference floor unless they are participating in a scheduled meeting.
  • Rolling bags and large bags are not permitted on the Buyer's Choice/Market On-Ramp (MOR) Floor.

Media Attendees

GMDC will be pleased to comp the registration of any editorial contacts interested in attending the GM Conference between September 30 - October 4. For any advertising/sales department members who are interested in attending the conference, GMDC will comp registration if the contact is accompanied by an editor from its publication with a guarantee of editorial content resulting from the conference. For any additional questions, please contact Andy Boian at dovetail solutions: [email protected] or call 303-868-0085.

GMDC: Off-Premises Policy

All Supplier registrants are required to book a hotel reservation at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel before August 28, 2020. Attendees that have not booked a hotel room at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel before the deadline will be charged an additional $500 off-premises registration fee (on-site registration materials including badges will not be distributed until this off-premises fee is paid). If attendees book housing in the hotel and later cancel their reservation, the additional $500 fee will be automatically assessed and charged upon pick up of participant's on-site registration materials.

There are many advantages to staying on-premises during the conference. Perhaps primary among these is the convenience of not commuting each morning and evening, as no transportation or parking is provided for off-premise stays. The many opportunities to network during receptions, breakfasts, lunches and our Evening With the Board of Directors Dinner with entertainment is an added advantage and certainly more convenient to those staying on-premises.

Exceptions to this policy may apply. Contact GMDC for further information.