Food and Food Prep: Better Together

Thu, January 28, 2016 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Presenter: AJ Riedel, Owner, Riedel Marketing & Research

A combination of factors have revived interest in cooking and made the kitchen once again a major center of activity in the home. As a result, perhaps more than ever kitchenware is emerging as a natural complement to food purchases and is one of the most important purchases according to shoppers when making decisions about their health and wellness.  This infocast will arm members with an understanding of the major product and consumer behavior trends shaping the category as well as an understanding of the major shopper segments and their needs and preferences. Cookware is not only a trip driver, but also must be merchandised adjacent to the fresh aisles in order to capture more basket fill and top of mind purchasing related to consumer health and wellness. We will also examine the growing impact of Internet retailing in this category, how consumer showcase the category, and suggest ways that the online threat to brick-and-mortar can be countered and retailers can win. 
What will you learn?
    •   Growing interest in healthy eating matters to the cookware category…how?
    •   No other GM category offers natural synergy to converting shoppers into buyers than cookware
    •   Understand how major product and consumer trends are shaping the cookware category
    •   Well-planned merchandising that triggers impulse can create major boost for the total ring
Who are these insights for?
    •   Marketing Executives
    •   Buyers, Merchants, Retail Executives
    •   Research & Shopper Insights Teams
    •   Business Development
    •   Manufacturers focused on Cookware and other Household Products

Click here to download the "Why Food Prep Matters" White Paper Executive Summary