What Jet.com Means to Walmart and the Future of Retail

Wed, November 16, 2016 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Presenter: Graham Hotchkiss, Analyst​, RetailNet Group

Following a summer of high activity in the M&A retail landscape, RNG will explore the largest ecommerce purchase of all time: Walmart’s acquisition of Jet.com. This infocast will examine the unique tools and capabilities that Jet will bring to Walmart and how this acquisition speaks to Walmart’s clear vision of the next generation of retail.
    •   Leading, scaled retailers are more willing than ever before to make significant investments in the capabilities required for the next generation of retail
    •   Third-party marketplaces are increasingly disrupting price, convenience, and experience, driving retailers and suppliers to compete in a significantly more complex digital landscape 
    •   The new wave of digital retailers is built fundamentally on technology and innovation, driving the rest of the industry to rethink foundational beliefs, capabilities & practices that have driven the growth of retail for the last decade