The Uberization of Healthcare: A Connected Patient Ecosystem Spells Retail Opportunity

Thu, September 14, 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Moderator: Mary Alice Lawless, Managing Director, Everything Health
Shannon Huneke, Senior Director Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, United Healthcare
Colleen Lindholz, President, The Little Clinic
Christina Groth, Vice President GM/HBC and Non-foods, Kroger
 Rupa Dave, Director Professional Marketing, Pfizer
 Chris Jobes, Director of Health and Wellness, Johnson & Johnson.

In today’s rapidly changing health care landscape, creating a connected patient ecosystem is imperative to meet the needs and demands of consumers that are proactive participants and advocates of their own health. The retail industry must meet these needs or face extinction. So what is the uberization of health care and what does a connected patient ecosystem look like? Mary Alice Lawless, managing director of Everything Health, explored these themes as moderator of a panel at the HBW 2017 Conference, of that included; Shannon Huneke, senior director, strategic partnerships and alliances, United Healthcare; Colleen Lindholz, president of The Little Clinic; Christina Groth, vice president, GM/HBC and non-foods, Kroger; Rupa Dave, director professional marketing, Pfizer; and Chris Jobes, director of health and wellness, Johnson & Johnson.
What You Will Learn?
   •  Continue building on customer relationships in the era of self-care.
   •  Commitment to long-term solutions is the health of our nation.
   •  Bring new solutions to where consumers are, and engage them along the journey.
   •  How to deepen trading partner relations to better serve the consumer and enhance their experience.