The Innovation Conversation: Retail Tomorrow Immersion in NYC

Thu, October 19, 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Presenters: Kevin Coupe, Editor, Morning News Beat and Tom Furphy, CEO, Consumer Equity Partners

The goal of "The Innovation Conversation" is to explore facets of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects consumers, retailers, brands and distribution. Join Tom Furphy - a former Amazon executive, the originator of Amazon Fresh, and currently CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners (CEP) and Kevin Coupe, editor of Morning News Beat, as they host a conversation with CMO of This infocast takes place in New York City during the Retail Tomorrow Immersion: Designing The Future of Consumer Engagement.

What will you learn?
   •  Best and Next Practices for keeping your business relevant
   •  Amazon is gobbling up much bigger swaths of the market than retailers realize. Why?
   •  How aspires to be the Costco in the e-com world
   •  Why incredibly quick and nimble execution is essential for survival in today’s market