Why Your Brand Should Care About Amazon’s Item Level Economics

Thu, November 2, 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Presenter: Andrea K. Leigh, VP of Client Services, Ideoclick

Amazon’s profit – or lack thereof – for your products can help or significantly hinder your business, blocking you from Marketing activities and bringing your sales growth to a screeching halt.  Learn how to identify if your items are on the “CRaP List”, (Can’t Realize any Profit) key drivers, how to improve your standing through effective negotiation, and how to design products for ecommerce economic success.
What will you learn?
   •  The key economic factors that drive Amazon’s profitability, and how to know if your items are CRaP
   •  Best in class fixes and solutions
   •  How to negotiate CRaP standing with Amazon
   •  How to design products for economic success online
Who are these insights for?
   •  CPG company senior leaders
   •  CPG company marketing teams
   •  CPG company product development teams