Uncovering Growth in Today’s Marketplace: Leveraging Shopper Insights to Partner Better and Drive Sales

Fri, March 23, 2018 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

Presenter: Brad Golden, Managing Director, Centennial Advisors

Today’s headlines can be baffling. While consumer confidence is near an all-time high, the stock market pushes ahead and unemployment is at record low levels, many suppliers and retailers continue to find growth elusive. But growth is still out there, it’s just harder to find than ever before. Challenged on multiple fronts – from fewer and fewer shopping trips to the seemingly inexorable rise of discount stores and ecommerce – suppliers and retailers must redouble their efforts to partner together to drive sales. But what exactly should organizations do?  Find out in this unique GMDC infocast.
What will you learn?
  •  Why consumer and shopper insights are the last source of competitive advantage
  •  How to uncover and use actionable insights to drive mutual growth
  •  How others are leading with insights and achieving growth
  •  What your company can do immediately to better identify insights, inform strategy and drive sales
Who should attend?
  •  Any retail executive hunting for growth
  •  Suppliers interested in strengthening relationships with retail trading partners
  •  Sales, Marketing, Retail, Insights and Research managers