Archived Infocasts

Presenter: Andrea K. Leigh, VP of Client Services, Ideoclick

Negotiating with Amazon is Different than with Brick and Mortar

January 11, 2018

Annual negotiations with Amazon keeping you up at night?  A single conversation (or email exchange) with Amazon can help or hinder your growth – and profit - for the coming year and beyond. Amazon’s asks are big, and missteps are easy to make.  Be an informed brand.  Whether you’re negotiating with a senior leader or an automated Amazon robot (true!), learn how to achieve your goals, what questions to ask, Amazon’s soft spots and common pitfalls to avoid for a successful negotiation.
What You Will Learn
   •  How to prepare for a negotiation with Amazon
   •  Amazon’s negotiating style and technique
   •  Best practices and tactics
   •  Common pitfalls
Who Are These Insights For 
   •  Brands who sell on Amazon, senior leadership, sales managers

Presenter: Doug Koontz, Research Director, Planet Retail RNG

Locking in Customers

December 14, 2017

Despite a rise in loyalty memberships, shoppers are visiting a bigger variety of stores than ever. Combined with the growth of niche brands and private label, and you get one of the most asked questions regarding today’s generation: are shoppers still loyal? Capturing shoppers in this environment has forced a new definition of loyalty – engaging shoppers beyond price-based programs in an effort to lock them into an ecosystem.
What You Will Learn  
   •  Four elements in hierarchy of loyalty
   •  Best in class examples of retailers or brands locking in shoppers
Who Are These Insights For 
   •  Brand managers
   •  Shopper marketers

Presenter: Michael Rogosa, Director of Client Services, Planet Retail RNG

Front End of the Future

December 7, 2017

Spurred on by both shopper and retailer benefits, the front end is poised to undergo dramatic changes with the ramp up of digital payments and automation. Retailers are looking to unlock immense amounts of labor cost, and shoppers’ need for convenience will finally overpower the highest point of frustration in the entire store
What You Will Learn 
   •  How emerging technologies will repurpose space in the store
   •  Which categories will be most impacted
   •  Future opportunities for impulse
Who Are These Insights For  
   •  Front-end category managers
   •  Insights teams
   •  Retail merchandisers & strategy teams

Presenter: Steffen Schenk, Business Unit Director, Barrows Global

Front of the Store: A Future Look at Impulse Areas to Maximize Consumer Engagement

November 30, 2017

In the “buy-anywhere reality of the internet,” retailers need to adapt and provide meaningful experiences and reasons for shoppers to visit brick and mortar locations. The Front End of the store is at the forefront of this reinvention. Today self check-out in traditional grocery and drug stores is common, standard, and are not providing a real differentiated experience. Check-out of the future will allow shoppers to pay for their items without cashier interaction, and while technology is still lacking in providing a fast, easy experience, the Front End of the future will be more about mobile pay, service, ordering, and endless aisle. Join us in this conversation as we reimagine the possibilities.

Presenter: Andrea K. Leigh, VP of Client Services, Ideoclick

Why Your Brand Should Care About Amazon’s Item Level Economics

November 2, 2017

Amazon’s profit – or lack thereof – for your products can help or significantly hinder your business, blocking you from Marketing activities and bringing your sales growth to a screeching halt.  Learn how to identify if your items are on the “CRaP List”, (Can’t Realize any Profit) key drivers, how to improve your standing through effective negotiation, and how to design products for ecommerce economic success.
What will you learn?
   •  The key economic factors that drive Amazon’s profitability, and how to know if your items are CRaP
   •  Best in class fixes and solutions
   •  How to negotiate CRaP standing with Amazon
   •  How to design products for economic success online
Who are these insights for?
   •  CPG company senior leaders
   •  CPG company marketing teams
   •  CPG company product development teams