Archived Infocasts

Innovation Conversation Podcast

April 23, 2018

Tom Murphy, an industry veteran who, with companies like Kroger and FedEx, and later as a consultant to major retailers, has helped companies develop IT and logistics strategies, as well as enabling them to engineer disruptive cultures and become change agents, joins Tom Furphy and Kevin Coupe for a two-part Innovation Conversation Podcast.

Part One: Looks at the difference between stopgap tactics and long-term strategies - and how to make tough choices in demanding times.

Part Two: Focuses on the retailers best positioned to compete with Amazon, the places where Amazon is most vulnerable, and what the biggest impediments are to innovation by traditional retailers.

This Innovation Conversation Podcast is sponsored by ReposiTrak, and brought to you by GMDC.

Presenter: Brad Golden, Managing Director, Centennial Advisors

Uncovering Growth in Today’s Marketplace: Leveraging Shopper Insights to Partner Better and Drive Sales

March 23, 2018

Today’s headlines can be baffling. While consumer confidence is near an all-time high, the stock market pushes ahead and unemployment is at record low levels, many suppliers and retailers continue to find growth elusive. But growth is still out there, it’s just harder to find than ever before. Challenged on multiple fronts – from fewer and fewer shopping trips to the seemingly inexorable rise of discount stores and ecommerce – suppliers and retailers must redouble their efforts to partner together to drive sales. But what exactly should organizations do?  Find out in this unique GMDC infocast.
What will you learn?
  •  Why consumer and shopper insights are the last source of competitive advantage
  •  How to uncover and use actionable insights to drive mutual growth
  •  How others are leading with insights and achieving growth
  •  What your company can do immediately to better identify insights, inform strategy and drive sales
Who should attend?
  •  Any retail executive hunting for growth
  •  Suppliers interested in strengthening relationships with retail trading partners
  •  Sales, Marketing, Retail, Insights and Research managers




Presenter: Steffen Schenk, Business Unit Director, Barrows Global

Future of Retail: The Disruption is Accelerating

March 8, 2018

We know that physical retail faces challenges and that future shoppers will will need reasons to visit a store. The operational focus on driving in-store efficiencies will no longer be enough and we need to find new and better ways to create customer experiences and value. In this infocast we will explore today's best in class executions, macro trends shaping the future of retail, and how the big retailers are innovating to not only meet but exceed shopper expectations. 
What will you learn?
   •  Global best in class customer experiences
   •  What Macro Trends will impact your business in 10 years time
   •  How do the big retailers drive innovation and how can your brand be relevant
   •  The Retailer Ecosystem of the future 


Presenters: Kevin Coupe, Editor, Morning News Beat
Tom Furphy, CEO, Consumer Equity Partners
Marty Ramos, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Retail, Consumer Products & Services

The Innovation Conversation: Retailer Technology Options

January 25, 2018

GMDC's Retail Tomorrow Council is preparing for its next event in Seattle this May, focused on “An Omnichannel Experience”. While Amazon Go, Microsoft, and many other exciting destinations will be on the agenda, this infocast dubbed “The Innovation Conversation” with Marty Ramos, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Retail, Consumer Products & Services, is relevant to what the participants will learn at the May event. Hosts Tom Furphy & Kevin Coupe discuss the “fire hose” of technology available to retailers and gather a leading a perspective from Microsoft.  Marty says it is all about “BILL" - Basket size, Inventory, Labor and Loss prevention - and how technology addresses one or more of these issues.  Marty also talks about the retailers making the biggest, most innovative strides, while Tom and Kevin talk about the challenges of the “last mile.”

Presenter: Andrea K. Leigh, VP of Client Services, Ideoclick

Negotiating with Amazon is Different than with Brick and Mortar

January 11, 2018

Annual negotiations with Amazon keeping you up at night?  A single conversation (or email exchange) with Amazon can help or hinder your growth – and profit - for the coming year and beyond. Amazon’s asks are big, and missteps are easy to make.  Be an informed brand.  Whether you’re negotiating with a senior leader or an automated Amazon robot (true!), learn how to achieve your goals, what questions to ask, Amazon’s soft spots and common pitfalls to avoid for a successful negotiation.
What You Will Learn
   •  How to prepare for a negotiation with Amazon
   •  Amazon’s negotiating style and technique
   •  Best practices and tactics
   •  Common pitfalls
Who Are These Insights For 
   •  Brands who sell on Amazon, senior leadership, sales managers