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Andrea Leigh, Vice-President, Client Services – Ideoclick, Inc.

How to Use Amazon’s Private Label to Your Advantage

August 22, 2019

Amazon’s private-label brands are many manufacturers’ worst nightmare.  However, its not all doom and gloom.  Many manufacturers are using what they’re learning from Amazon’s owned brands to improve their products and grow their sales!  Join us to discover how to stop looking at the private label as the enemy, and how to apply these winning strategies to your business.

What Will You Learn:
1. Why Amazon's private label products are industry disruptors
2. Determining which of your products may be at risk
3. How to observe and adapt your product strategy

Who are these insights for?
1. CPG and Retail brand senior leadership
2. CPG and Retail brand marketing teams
3. CPG and Retail brand catalog/content teams

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Mod Boon-Long: Analyst, North American Advisory, Edge by Ascential 

How to Engage Shoppers

August 15, 2019

With new points of influence emerging and a fast-growing variety of options available to consumers, shopper acquisition and retention is becoming more difficult and costly for both retailers and brands. The presentation will detail how retailers and brands can achieve long-term loyalty through enhanced shopper engagement and retention strategies, based on our newly-defined formula for loyalty.

Reasons to attend

  • Discover the characteristics needed to drive shopper loyalty in the future
  • Find out the key capabilities which suppliers need to develop in order to foster brand loyalty
  • Access the results from our global engagement and retention benchmarking survey to find out which retailers are leading the way in this strategy
  • View best-in-class retailer and supplier case studies of shopper engagement and retention


Julia Wilson, Vice President, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen

Growing Sales Through Sustainability

June 27, 2019

Who is the ‘sustainable shopper’? What influences are driving their purchasing decisions, and how can brands and retailers proactively engage to win on the shelf and online? Learn more about how consumer preferences translate into purchases, how to connect the dots across your internal teams, and what the momentum behind a growing consumer focus on products that are “healthy for me & healthy for the world” means for your future growth.   

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Jason Maehara, Manager, AT Kearney

2019 GMDC/AT Kearney General Merchandise Benchmarking Presentation

June 16, 2019

This GM19 session will reveal how GM categories are an overlooked weapon in the arsenal of traditional retailers fighting for relevancy inside brick and mortar on multiple fronts. Custom research indicates that although GM sales in the traditional Food/Drug/Mass (FDM) channel are migrating to new channels—opportunities still exist for traditional retailers to leverage GM for profitability and enhancing the shopper experience. GMDC’s research uncovers pockets of growth that relate to several trends currently impacting GM. 

Trey Holder

Mike Ciccone

Sterling Hawkins

GM19 Retail Tomorrow Presentation

June 15, 2019

Hear from our Retail Tomorrow executives about upcoming Immersion events, updates involving our headquarter events, and exciting partnerships with companies like CART.