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Presenter: John Coyle, The Art of Really Living
John Gehre / HEB
Sheila Kostiuk / AHOLD
Brad Golden / Kantar Retail
Mark Deuschle / Navajo Inc.

Center Store Matters: An Innovation Mindset will Help Businesses Navigate Disruption

July 20, 2017

Join the conversation about innovation and design thinking with expert John K. Coyle for an insightful, informative and thought-provoking examination of the hidden barriers and enablers inside retail. John examines a pair of mindsets that are essential for releasing innovation potential, review short case studies of innovation disruption, and then brings up a panel of expert leaders to review the threats and possibilities emerging in our industry and new perspectives on how to compete.

Presenter: Michael Rogosa, Director of Client Services, Planet Retail RNG

The Store of the Future: How Online is Reshaping Store Design

July 13, 2017

While ecommerce continues to erode store share overall, 90% of purchases are still made in a bricks and mortar building. Yet whether or not the purchase is actually made in-store, the digital tools and capabilities at the hands of the shopper have permanently changed the expectations, and definition, of the role of the store. During this session, we’ll explore the Store of the Future with a specific focus on digital integration and the ways retailers are turning their once analog locations into a connected experience.
What will you learn?
   •  Which departments/categories are facing the most pressure from online
   •  How retailers are repurposing space in existing stores to offset categories that have shifted majority of sales online
   •  Best in class practices for creating a seamless shopping experience across platforms
   •  Next generation stores – what is the role of the store moving forward
Who are these insights for?
   •  Format innovation teams
   •  Store merchandisers
   •  Digital/ecommerce
   •  Category managers
   •  Shopper insights & shopper marketing


    Presenter: Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist, Play Big Inc

    Navigating the Big Shift

    July 6, 2017

    Society is transforming. Exponential advances in connectivity and technology, precarious economic, political and social structures, and an emerging desire for community and connection are causing old economy models to quickly shift to completely different set of new economy expectations and needs. How does one navigate change in such a dynamic and complex environment? 
    What will you learn?
       •  Quick review of the 9 big cultural shifts
       •  A dive into the most disruptive technologies emerging and their impact society
       •  Some implications for retail

    Presenter: Andrew McQuilkin, FRDI, Retail Leader, BHDP Architecture

    Best in Class Retail Concepts of 2016

    June 29, 2017

    Join us to learn the best retail concepts from the Retail Design Institute's Winning Class of 2016
    What will you learn?
       •  What makes an award-winning customer journey?
       •  The role of technology as a customer touch point
       •  Leveraging "Design" as problem-solving

    GMDC 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Vince Burke

    June 25, 2017

    "Vince is a longstanding and active member of GMDC and in the community, and he displays a genuine civic mindedness and strong commitment to all facets of the retail marketplace. Our industry has thrived as a result of his consistent thought leadership, creativity and innovation over the years, and will continue to as he shows value in new ways as a retail visionary,” said Patrick Spear, president and CEO of GMDC. “His success can be measured by the close business relationships he builds and his capacity to transform those into lifelong friendships. Vince is a true connector who enjoys bringing others together to form meaningful partnerships that benefit all in our rapidly disruptive industry."