Archived Infocasts

Doug Koontz, Research Director, Planet Retail RNG

Merchandise Fundamentals and Life Cycles: The Transformation of the Physical Store

July 26, 2018

While the role of the store changes and departments undergo dramatic transformations, the importance of executional excellence remains paramount. Having the right assortment, shelving, packaging, display, and pricing strategies will carry even more weight moving forward as stores curate more of their merchandise and shift space towards experiences. During this session we will examine best in class strategies in merchandise execution in-store.

Mark Ravi, Research Analyst, Planet Retail RNG

Experiential Retail: The Future of Brick-and-Mortar

July 12, 2018

As consumers shift more of their spend from products towards experiences, physical retailers need to evolve to capture that spend. The future of physical retail will see a change from “need-based buying” to “want based shopping” as need-based activities shift online and to auto-replenishment. In the long term, retailers will compete for more for consumers’ time as a leisure activity with experiences being a core part of driving traffic. In the short term, retailers will look to repurpose space made unproductive from categories shifting online to engage in activities that cannot be replicated in the digital world.

  1. What you will learn (takeaways for the viewer): 
    1. Why physical retail needs to change and which departments will see the largest impact
    2. Best in class examples of retailers adding experiences to stores and the impact those have
  2. Who are these insights for (target audience): 
    1. Category management
    2. Shopper insights
    3. Merchandising teams
    4. Format development

Host: Brian Owens, Kantar Consulting


  • Greg Parsons, Kroger
  • Sheri Best, HEB
  • Rick Radatovitch, BIC
  • Steve Laserson, American Greetings

Center Store and Front-End Matter: How To Find New Growth

June 22, 2018

It’s clear that Center Store, Checkout Lanes, and Payment Systems in physical brick-and-mortar space need a tough lesson in becoming more productive and personalized. This recording session from the GM Conference hosts a panel of retailers and their partners, while they have a conversation about “next practices” in a challenged but highly profitable area of retail. Listen to them speak about future-proofing essential spaces that are a key to thriving and must include nonfoods. Integrating GM categories are important to capture the consumers’ mind and wallet share as their demand for convenience and surprise is endless.

What Will You Learn?

  • New growth is in uncomfortable and unlikely places in the store
  • The new mission for retail is satisfying convenience and curiosity
  • General Merchandise is more relevant than ever if applied strategically across the store

Charisse Jacques, Principal with AT Kearney

GMDC General Merchandise Benchmarking Presentation

June 20, 2018

During GM18 Conference in Orlando this past June, GMDC and AT Kearney introduced an exclusive industry-wide benchmarking tool that will uncover insights on how to win in General Merchandise. The overall results of the study reveal and curate GMDC retail strategies while sharing perspectives on how retailers can/should develop new capabilities and assortments. Join the discussion on how nonfoods are more relevant than ever when they are closely matched to a store’s demographic specialty, an evolving consumer, and an e-commerce shopping experience.

What will you learn?

  • Successful retailers are on-trend
  • How to offer a broad and deep online assortment
  • Localize merchandise is crucial to win
  • Maintain traditional promotions while doing more digital
  • Knockdown department silo’s to defend and grow your GM categories


Mod Boon-Long, Research Analyst, Planet Retail RNG

Digital Integration: Creating A Seamless Shopper Experience

June 14, 2018

Digital influence in the physical world of retail far outweighs the pure impact of e-commerce sales. Shoppers have access to an array of tools that enable an on-demand experience and physical outlets need to position themselves to take advantage of this opportunity. The level of investment in digital technologies at an enterprise level has so far focused on back-end automation and cost savings, but that will switch in the coming years as shopper facing technology becomes a differentiator. Stores will need to create a seamless experience with online that enhances the shopper journey.

1. What you will learn (takeaways for the viewer):

  • Which technologies will be the critical areas of investment
  • Best in class examples of retailers creating a seamless customer experience between the physical and digital world

2. Who are these insights for (target audience):

  • Category management
  • Shopper insights
  • Merchandising teams
  • Format development