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Dave Donnan, Senior Partner with A.T. Kearney’s Consumer Products & Retail Practice

Cannabis: The Next Gold Rush

January 31, 2019

How is the legalization of cannabis affecting consumer goods companies? Dave Donnan of AT Kearney will be joining us to discuss how this emerging industry will impact retail. Join us and gain insights and answers to all of your cannabis questions.

  • What Will You Learn:
    • The effects of cannabis legalization for consumer goods companies, especially within the food, beverage, personal care, alcohol, and cosmetic industries
    • Case studies of cannabis-based products that have recently been launched
    • Consumer insights about their perception and interest in trying cannabis-based products
    • How to successfully introduce cannabis products into your business
  • Who are these insights for?
    • Consumer goods, e-commerce, retail, and merchandising executives
    • Business strategists and executives located or with business in Canada and the US

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Andrea Leigh, Vice-President, Client Services – Ideoclick, Inc.

The Importance of Winning Search

November 8, 2018

90% of customers on Amazon use search to find products…and if you’re not on the first page, you don’t exist. Are you set up for success? Learn how to master their algorithms. Find out ways to optimize your content and boost your Amazon sales. Get advice on how to win Search by improving your product detail pages.

Amazon is responsible for almost half of eCommerce sales today. And, winning on Amazon means mastering its search algorithms. If your product is not on the first page of Amazon search results, you're basically not on the digital shelf. Relevance determines what order products show up in search results, and thus drives sales. But, how do you boost your relevance?

What Will You Learn:
1. The importance of winning search on Amazon
2. The formula for building product relevance
3. How to approach product detail page content

Who are these insights for?
1. CPG and Retail brand senior leadership
2. CPG and Retail brand marketing teams
3. CPG and Retail brand catalog/content teams

Nicola Smith, Founder/CEO, Rebel & Reason

Digital to Physical - Connecting The Dots In An Omni-Channel World

October 25, 2018

Driven largely by the ubiquity of mobile, the growth of Big Data and advancements in both IoT and AI, customers now expect a seamless and consistent brand experience regardless of where, when or how they buy. For brands, this shift requires a holistic, integrated approach focused on creating frictionless customer experiences across both digital and physical touch points.

What Will You Learn:
1. Gain a better understanding of consumer expectations around omni-channel
2. Review best in class examples of brands connecting the dots to create powerful omni-channel experiences
3. Get a glimpse into where omni-channel is heading next as it converges with emerging tech like AI, chatbots, AR and IoT
4. Learn how to start connecting the dots for your brand

Who are these insights for?
1. CPG and Retail brand senior leadership
2. CPG and Retail brand marketing teams
3. CPG and Retail brand customer experience teams

Nick Everitt, Director of Advisory, Planet Retail RNG

Ubiquitous Commerce: A True Look Into the Future of Seamless Retail

October 18, 2018

We're going to take a true look into the future of seamless retail...

With each AI integration, we take a small step towards a future where every connected device can enable a highly personalized transaction. Consumers can shop and engage with retailers and brands anywhere, anytime, independent of a single platform or device. Ubiquitous commerce is marked by consumer-to-business (C2B) models in which vast amounts of consumer data shape and drive retailer business decisions, including product development and overall strategic direction in a continuous loop. The shift requires an immense amount of development in AI, asset light supply chains, and a level of data cooperation between companies that is non-existent today.

Kevin Coupe, Morning News Beat

Retail Tomorrow Toronto Panel Discussion: Commerce in the Smart City

October 4, 2018

Kevin Coupe recently had the opportunity to moderate a podcast on the subject of “Commerce in the Smart City,” as part of the GMDC Retail Tomorrow conference in Toronto … several days of terrific conversation, presentations, store visits, and a focus on where the world of retail is going and how it is going to get there.

A retail executive told me not that long ago that “too many companies are not innovating for tomorrow. Instead, they are defending yesterday.” The goal of the Toronto Retail Tomorrow conference, as well as the past ones (in Silicon Valley, New York and Seattle) and the next one (scheduled for Los Angeles), is to have our eyes trained firmly on the future … with all its promises, implications and challenges.

Our guests for the podcast were Chris Lydle, Retail Innovation, Google; Darryl Jullott, Senior Manager, Digital Main Street in Toronto; and Pano Anthos, Managing Director of XRC Labs.