Archived Infocasts

Randy Fields, Chairman & CEO of Park City Group and CEO of ReposiTrak

Retail Supply-Chain Challenges During COVID-19 and Reinventing the Future

May 21, 2020

The Retail and CPG industry has faced major challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, resulting from stagnant supply chain strategies over the last 25 years. The just-in-time inventory model broke and failed many stores across the country after serving its purpose for many years with effectiveness and efficiency. So, what’s next? Challenges will continue for retailers and suppliers as the dust settles. What will the new normal look like for the retail supply chain and how quickly can the marketplace pivot towards a new system that is more robust to handle future pandemics?

Michele DeKinder-Smith, President & Founder, Linkage Research & Consulting

Consumers, Cannabis, and CBD: The Consumer View of This Dynamic Industry

May 14, 2020

Despite the uncertainty in FDA regulation around CBD, there is a broad industry and consumer interest in the benefits CBD offers.   This has both manufacturers and retailers thinking about how to approach CBD when the regulations become clear. In this presentation, Linkage Research will share key insights about CBD from the consumer point of view to help manufacturers and retailers develop their strategy for a future with CBD.   

During this Infocast, Linkage Research will discuss:

  • Consumer awareness, understanding, and interest in CBD
  • Profile of the consumer interested in CBD
  • Key benefits consumers are seeking from CBD
  • Categories consumer expect to find CBD
  • Key CBD product attributes that will influence purchase
  • Channels consumers expect to be able to buy CBD

Gary Hawkins, Co-Founder & CEO, CART
Sterling Hawkins, Co-Founder & CEO, CART

COVID-19: A Stress Test for FMCG Retail

May 7, 2020

The current COVID crisis has exposed a number of weaknesses in the retail supply chain and operations. We’ll discuss a framework for improved growth in an uncertain world. As well as address the impact the virus has had on eCommerce and in-store alongside the technologies like contactless shopping and delivery that will pave the way to the future of retail.

Dan Stanek, Executive Vice President, WD Partners

A New Day. A New Retail Experience.

April 30, 2020

The world has shifted because of COVID-19. An unexpected and tragic event has transformed the lives of consumers and all retail businesses in dramatic ways. What will tomorrow’s retail experience require when we leave our homes and venture back out into the agora. WD Partners projects a new dawn, with some fundamental shifts for the retail experience overall, and food retailing specifically.

Suketu Gandhi, Partner, Kearney
Andrea Szasz, Principal, Kearney

COVID-19: Survive, Operate, Win

April 16, 2020

Consumers and businesses are fluctuating in and out of quarantine, lifestyles are changing, and as a result, global demand, supply, and capex investments are being disrupted at a rapid pace. The Retail and Pharmacy industry is critical for the health and well-being of people today. The industry is doing this while dealing with labor constraints to service its networks, the daily changing situation both in supply and demand. In addition, leaders are thinking ahead to build paths to win in tomorrow's shifted environment. 

This Infocast will provide:
• Insights on successful strategic mitigation plans to operate during these uncertain times
• A view on how to start framing long term strategies for winning