Archived Infocasts

Presenter: William Romollino, Vice President, Shopper Insights, Time Inc Retail

Optimizing Checkstand Merchandising: Maximizing Shopper Interaction in a New Era of Technology

March 23, 2017

Explore best practices in driving incremental impulse category growth through innovative product merchandising, marketing, technology, and operational efficiency. Get ideas on how to maximize checkout departmental profitability by increasing consumption and basket ring. Gain understanding of the concept and dynamics related to Checkout Departmental Management to increase consumption, entertain consumers and improve their overall shopping experience.
Who are these insights for?
    •  Retail buyers
    •  VP GM/HBC
    •  VP Non Grocery
    •  In-store planning
    •  Front End Category Managers

Presenters: Brad Golden, VP Consulting, Kantar Retail Americas
Al Heller,  Owner, Distinct Communications LLC
Mark Mechelse,  Director of Research, Industry Insights & Communications, GMDC

Front End and Center Store Matters for Total Store Growth

February 23, 2017

More work is needed for retailers to know about the shopper and perceptions of the Front End of their stores. A new definition of this space is needed in order to harness the potential of its profitability. GM matters more than ever, and the Front End is one of the most untapped areas where brands can increase the basket fill for the store.
What you will learn
   •   Deep Dive of Consumer and Shopper Trends specifically at the Front End
   •   Training tools for trading partners to better engage and grow in this space
   •   Why the Front End deserves its own strategy
   •   Non-foods at the Front End are some of the most profitable, and desired, items


Presenter: Jeff Rehling, Principal, Edgewood Consulting

3-Year Outlook on the Health and Wellness Consumer

February 2, 2017

The most successful H&W industry leaders are constantly seeking health and wellness “next” practices. And there’s good reason for that.  Healthy living is mainstream now, but will look very different in 3-years. The progressive consumer of today will be mainstream tomorrow. As consumers around the globe search for better, healthier and smarter solutions that fit their lifestyle and specific needs, the motivation for manufacturers and retailers to foster strategies for a healthier world is powerful. But much more needs to be done to get to that point. That’s where GMDC’s long-term insights can help bridge the gaps between retailers and their suppliers in developing strategic plans to future-proof their businesses.
What will you learn?
   •   The “Uberization of Healthcare” is shifting the focus of keeping people healthy to being preventative and harness knowledge. What control is the shopper looking for?
   •   Labels matter. Absolute transparency is the new norm.
   •   Healthy purchasing decisions are complicated. What are the factors behind them?
   •   Know about the 4 C’s to breaking down the barriers at retail for consumers seeking to buy healthy options…and build bigger baskets as a result.

Presenter: Keith Anderson, SVP Strategy and Insights, Profitero 

Categories at Risk with E-Com: What can you do about it?

January 26, 2017

Retailers are looking to understand what percentage of their current customers are utilizing Amazon knowing that many, if not all, can be an Amazon threat. What percentage of each retailer’s customer base is at most risk to Amazon based on their existing usage of? Find out in this insightful infocast focused on how the shopper is shopping in brick and mortar, and what the online influences are that have reshaped decisions and behavior. 
What will you learn?
   •   How stores need to rethink and remap the aisles
   •   What categories are consumers most likely to use e-commerce instead
   •   What are the effects of the e-commerce spend?
   •   Rebalance your strategies of core, niche and disruptive product types

Presenter: Chelsea Gross, Analyst, RetailNet Group

Top Innovative Store Concepts of 2016

January 12, 2017

Redefining the value of the store trip is increasingly important as ecommerce continues to take share of US retail sales. This session will review the must-know stores that opened in 2016, analyzing best-in-class innovation at these retailers and the emerging in-store initiatives that we can expect to see continue in 2017.
What Will You Learn
   •   New store layouts are emerging that are designed to better cater to distinct consumer trips by more effectively segmenting the in-store experience for convenience, in-fill trips and full basket trips.  As these layouts evolve, it will impact in-store merchandising and space allocation. 
   •   Seamless online/offline experiences are improving, but have room to grow. Best-in-class brands and retailers are finding their own ways to reduce barriers by leveraging digital in the store or using pop-up stores to test & learn with these new tools.
   •   Retailers in the future will need to move their stores from a set of categories / departments to a set of solutions, in order to deliver on a new curated, targeted in-store experience.