Archived Infocasts

Presenter: Hannah Donoghue, Director of Advisory, RetailNet Group

The Future of Supply Chain & Fulfillment: Optimizing for the Consumer Experience?

May 11, 2017

Supply chain will be the critical growth enabler for retailers and manufacturers in the future.  As retailers battle to win the last mile and deliver on new consumer expectations, they are building new fulfilment business models that are driving complexity and cost into their organizations.  They are moving into a retail landscape where promiseable inventory and real time seamless inventory management will be tablestakes. For many retailers and suppliers, the supply chain changes required to win in the future will also require organizational shifts and alignment, as new supply chain business models, technologies and processes will require companies to move away from longstanding, optimized supply chains to new agile, on-demand, real time logistics & fulfilment networks. 
What will you learn?
   •  How retailers are reconfiguring their supply chains for the future
   •  Which fulfilment business models are most prevalent today and which will lead in the future
   •  What are the critical capabilities that retailers and manufacturers will need to excel in for future growth
Who are these insights for?
   •  Retailer and manufacturer executives who want to enable their future supply chain to be a growth driver
   •  Supply chain & logistics teams
   •  Ecommerce teams
   •  Strategy & insights teams

Todd Hale, Formerly of Nielsen
Mark Mechelse, GMDC
Steve Davis, WEIS Markets
Melissa Branin, H-E-B
Sheila Kostiuk, AHOLD

Food Storage: For Consumer Health and Retail Profits

April 27, 2017

A host of diverse factors are converging to shine the spotlight on the food storage category as an important source of sales and profit growth for retailers – and for supermarkets in particular. According to Nielsen data, sales of household plastics/food contact items rose 3.4 percent to $1.06 billion during a recent period while current numbers show food and liquid storage outpacing other GM growth categories as well as total store in both the food and drug channels. The food storage shopper spends 21 percent more than the typical supermarket customer and the growth will continue to lead category growth for many years to follow. Projections indicate that food storage containers will add an astonishing $2 billion in incremental sales between 2015 and 2020 to reach $3.7 billion.


Thom Oliphant, Executive Director/Co-Founder, My Country Nation
Brad Lawless, Director of Product & Business Development, My Country Nation

Entertaining Commerce: Motivating Shoppers with Custom Celebrity Content

April 6, 2017

My Country Nation and Taillight Branded develop and create country-focused, celebrity-driven, custom content for clients; distribute it across social media, multi-media and celebrity influencer platforms; and generate real, measurable results for retail and brand clients. In this infocast, they will discuss how to connect with shoppers through custom, branded content that connects back to retail and present case studies where they have demonstrated success with this model.
What will you learn?
    •  How to match your key shopper demographic to specific types of online content
    •  How to connect online content to in-store activation elements
    •  Utilize custom online content in multiple channels to achieve maximum ROI
Who are these insights for?
    •   Shopper Marketers
    •   Retail Marketers
    •   Retailers


Presenter: William Romollino, Vice President, Shopper Insights, Time Inc Retail

Optimizing Checkstand Merchandising: Maximizing Shopper Interaction in a New Era of Technology

March 23, 2017

Explore best practices in driving incremental impulse category growth through innovative product merchandising, marketing, technology, and operational efficiency. Get ideas on how to maximize checkout departmental profitability by increasing consumption and basket ring. Gain understanding of the concept and dynamics related to Checkout Departmental Management to increase consumption, entertain consumers and improve their overall shopping experience.
Who are these insights for?
    •  Retail buyers
    •  VP GM/HBC
    •  VP Non Grocery
    •  In-store planning
    •  Front End Category Managers

Presenters: Brad Golden, VP Consulting, Kantar Retail Americas
Al Heller,  Owner, Distinct Communications LLC
Mark Mechelse,  Director of Research, Industry Insights & Communications, GMDC

Front End and Center Store Matters for Total Store Growth

February 23, 2017

More work is needed for retailers to know about the shopper and perceptions of the Front End of their stores. A new definition of this space is needed in order to harness the potential of its profitability. GM matters more than ever, and the Front End is one of the most untapped areas where brands can increase the basket fill for the store.
What you will learn
   •   Deep Dive of Consumer and Shopper Trends specifically at the Front End
   •   Training tools for trading partners to better engage and grow in this space
   •   Why the Front End deserves its own strategy
   •   Non-foods at the Front End are some of the most profitable, and desired, items