Archived Infocasts

Presenter: Andrea K. Leigh, VP of Client Services, Ideoclick

Why Your Brand Should Care About Amazon’s Item Level Economics

November 2, 2017

Amazon’s profit – or lack thereof – for your products can help or significantly hinder your business, blocking you from Marketing activities and bringing your sales growth to a screeching halt.  Learn how to identify if your items are on the “CRaP List”, (Can’t Realize any Profit) key drivers, how to improve your standing through effective negotiation, and how to design products for ecommerce economic success.
What will you learn?
   •  The key economic factors that drive Amazon’s profitability, and how to know if your items are CRaP
   •  Best in class fixes and solutions
   •  How to negotiate CRaP standing with Amazon
   •  How to design products for economic success online
Who are these insights for?
   •  CPG company senior leaders
   •  CPG company marketing teams
   •  CPG company product development teams

Presenters: Kevin Coupe, Editor, Morning News Beat and Tom Furphy, CEO, Consumer Equity Partners

The Innovation Conversation: Retail Tomorrow Immersion in NYC

October 19, 2017

The goal of "The Innovation Conversation" is to explore facets of the fast-changing, technology-driven retail landscape and how it affects consumers, retailers, brands and distribution. Join Tom Furphy - a former Amazon executive, the originator of Amazon Fresh, and currently CEO and Managing Director of Consumer Equity Partners (CEP) and Kevin Coupe, editor of Morning News Beat, as they host a conversation with CMO of This infocast takes place in New York City during the Retail Tomorrow Immersion: Designing The Future of Consumer Engagement.

What will you learn?
   •  Best and Next Practices for keeping your business relevant
   •  Amazon is gobbling up much bigger swaths of the market than retailers realize. Why?
   •  How aspires to be the Costco in the e-com world
   •  Why incredibly quick and nimble execution is essential for survival in today’s market

Presenter: Bryan Gildenberg, Chief Insights Officer, Kantar Retail

New World Factors: The Marriage between Retail, Healthcare and Technology

October 5, 2017

Bryan presents a view of the future, predicated on today’s data and how the operational ecosystem of the retailer must change. He outlines what the post-device world looks like, where its going, and quickly the industry will move into the post-multi-channel world of shopping. Examples of “next practices” abound in this infocast as Kantar has curated 6 pieces of Retail Trivia that all trading partners must be aware of to survive the evolving marketplace.
What will you learn?
   •  Rationalization is the new choice
   •  Green Grocers need to be all about Consumer Healthcare
   •  Retailers Competing through Services of Differentiation
   •  The Future of Shopping is Blurring

Presenter: Ryan Olohan, National Industry Director of Healthcare, Google Inc.

Digital Trends 2017 Affecting Retail

September 28, 2017

Channel-less, disruptive, on-demand, personalized retail requires new strategies for dealing with today’s evolving shoppers. Discover the big ideas and future mega-trends affecting retail that Google is tracking against many years to follow. Ryan outlines 9 technology disruptors that retailers, and their trading partners, need to know about tomorrow, that must be contemplated today.
What will you learn?
   •  Technology is changing everything
   •  Consumers are changing everything
   •  Retailers cannot ignore the trends…why?
   •  The consumer is a shopper all the time…how Google is tracking spending in all channels


Presenter: Doug Koontz, Research Director & Head of Content, Planet Retail RNG

Rise of the Discounters

September 21, 2017

Planet Retail RNG’s session will focus on the highly competitive discounter landscape, looking at the global discounter future outlook and drivers of discounter competitive advantage & future strategic initiatives. Given the fast growth of store-based discount retailers around the world, including the emergence of Lidl in the US, it will be particularly important that retailers and brands understand how to adapt.
What will you learn?
   •  How quickly the discount landscape is expected to grow
   •  The key strategic initiatives of discount retailers
   •  How manufacturers can partner for growth
Who are these insights for?
   •  Strategy and insights teams
   •  Category managers
   •  Retailer and manufacturer executives looking to stay ahead of this changing landscape