Live Infocast Schedule

The Shopper Experience of Tomorrow

Thu, April 2, 2020 - 1:00pm EDT

Andrew McQuilkin, Retail Leader, BHDP

Informed by GMDC’s Selfcare Roadmap and inspired by the recent Indianapolis Selfcare Summit, Andrew McQuilkin of BHDP imagined the drugstore and grocer of the future. A culmination of attendee's ideation and feedback during the Selfcare Summit, we planned and sketched our key findings into the ideal Selfcare journey. We will discuss the integrated key touch-points, relevant technologies and how best to in-sell these ideas moving forward.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn the collective consensus on the ideal Selfcare journey.
• Learn how the different occasions and need states influence adjacency.
• Learn the consensus on which current and future technologies will enhance the shopping experience and engagement

Who Should Listen In?
• Innovative Retailers
• Curious Manufacturers
• Creative Partners
• Inspiring Influencers
• Shopper Focused Insiders
• Early Adopters

Beauty-for-You Beauty: The Growing Demand for Natural & Sustainable in the Beauty Industry

Thu, April 16, 2020 - 1:00pm EDT

Carrie Schaeffer, VP Strategy & Marketing, Linkage Research & Consulting

Millennial consumers have had a big role in shaping the better-for-you food movement and their desire for transparency, sustainability, and natural is now influencing the beauty industry. Linkage Research will present key insights about what better-for-consumers expect from the beauty industry and what natural and sustainable attributes have the most appeal with this consumer. These insights will frame for the manufacturer and retailer which beauty benefits have the most appeal now and which are poised for growth. 

During this Infocast, Linkage Research will discuss:

  • Profile and mindset of the better-for-you beauty consumer
  • The relative appeal of the range of better-for-you attributes to the beauty consumer
  • Perspective on which attributes are set to grow
  • Channels consumers are seeking beauty-for-you beauty
  • Trending brands that are delivering on the needs of the beauty-for-you beauty consumer

Transforming the Store Experience Through Services

Thu, April 30, 2020 - 1:00pm EDT

Dan Stanek, Executive Vice President, WD Partners

Yoga classes at lululemon. Dinner reservations at RH. Primary care services at Walmart. The list goes on. It’s clear that stores are no longer simply selling goods. They are providing services. These services are enabling stores to create compelling experiences for customers while differentiating from digital competitors. Experiential retail has been a buzz phrase for some time now, but the brands getting experiential right are doing so through services that fit the brand, a dedicated labor focus, and seamless operations. During this Infocast, let’s take a look at brands that are leading the way and what it takes to transform the store experience.

Consumers, Cannabis, and CBD: The Consumer View of This Dynamic Industry

Thu, May 14, 2020 - 1:00pm EDT

Michele DeKinder-Smith, President & Founder, Linkage Research & Consulting

Despite the uncertainty in FDA regulation around CBD, there is a broad industry and consumer interest in the benefits CBD offers.   This has both manufacturers and retailers thinking about how to approach CBD when the regulations become clear. In this presentation, Linkage Research will share key insights about CBD from the consumer point of view to help manufacturers and retailers develop their strategy for a future with CBD.   

During this Infocast, Linkage Research will discuss:

  • Consumer awareness, understanding, and interest in CBD
  • Profile of the consumer interested in CBD
  • Key benefits consumers are seeking from CBD
  • Categories consumer expect to find CBD
  • Key CBD product attributes that will influence purchase
  • Channels consumers expect to be able to buy CBD