GMDC*Connect Outlook Add-In

Steps to Download the GMDC*Connect Outlook Add-In

  • IMPORTANT: Close down any copies of Outlook that you currently have running
  • Click below to download the GMDC*Connect Outlook Add-In
  • Save the setup file to your desktop, or run directly from the download to install the Add-In
  • Re-open Outlook and go to Calendar
  • The GMDC*Connect Add-In will appear as a new icon in your Outlook toolbar
  • Click to open your first GMDC*Connect meeting invite
  • Enter your GMDC*Connect Meeting ID number -- you will only need to do this one time

Download the GMDC*Connect Outlook Add-In

Once Downloaded, Click the GMDC*Connect Icon in the Outlook Toolbar to Send Meeting Invites:

  • Meeting location and Join Meeting text is auto-populated for you
  • Enter your meeting invitee emails and your Subject, then send as normal
  • Meeting invitees do not have to be GMDC*Connect subscribers
  • REMEMBER: As the meeting host, you will need to go to the Start/Host a Meeting page and enter your email and password. This ensures that no one else can use your personal video meeting link without you.

Customize Your Outlook Add-in Default Text

  • Under the GMDC*Connect Add-in icon, click on Start
  • Change the text in the Message Template box to your preferred text
  • Once your appointment is created, you can change the text in the appointment body any time