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GMDC/Nielsen GM Hierarchy

General Merchandise Category Sales Data & Trends

The GMDC/Nielsen GM Hierarchy was created in a partnership between GMDC and Nielsen as a tool to track and create visibility to important sales information by product in the General Merchandise categories. Throughout the course of the project more than 800 syndicated reports were built and Nielsen coded over 20 million UPCs making it possible to consistently code and follow all GM products in the grocery channel.

How does it work?

  • The GM Hierarchy organizes and quantifies GM category data in order to increase marketplace performance and provide better understanding of the GM categories.
  • There are 18 major categories identified and defined as 'Level 1' in the GM Hierarchy including - Apparel, Baby, Candy, Electronics & Personal Entertainment.
  • Each ‘Level 1' category is then divided further down the scale based on its level of detail.
  • This organizational structure offers retailers the ability to gauge channel activity and sales trends in the GM industry while only having to search a single resource.

Access the GM Hierarchy  Download Retailer Usage Report

Panel Discussion on the GMDC/Nielsen GM Hierarchy >>

Hosted by: Kristin Gorski, New Business Development, Nielsen
Panel participants: Mark Mechelse, Director of Insights, Research and Communications, GMDC; Scott Bradshaw, Bradshaw International; Michelle King, Earthtronics 

Kristin moderated the session with a review of the importance of metrics and exclusive information that the GM Hierarchy provides GMDC members, from a supplier and service company perspective. Participants reviewed how the data within the GM Hierarchy is able to build a stronger, more compelling message that can be used during CCC, SEC and off-site meetings.