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GMDC/Nielsen HBW Hierarchy

Health Beauty Wellness Category Sales Data & Trends

The GMDC/Nielsen HBW Hierarchy was created as a tool to track and create visibility to important sales information by product in the Health Beauty Wellness categories. The sales information gives a detailed look at trends across all nonfood categories representing products that shoppers purchase pertaining to their personal health and wellness in the food and drug channels, and extends to all channels of retail combined.

Access the HBW Hierarchy 

    How does it work?

    • The HBW Hierarchy organizes and quantifies HBW category data in order to increase marketplace performance and provide better understanding of HBW categories.
    • There are 53 mega-categories. Each mega-category is then divided further down the scale based on level of detail.
    • This organizational structure offers retailers the ability to gauge channel activity and sales trends in the HBW industry while only having to search a single resource.