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Leveraging a Sales Agency

Did you know that a sales agency can be one of your best resources to enhance your on-site meetings?

GMDC wants you to come to the table fully prepared in order to win the buyer, and win the sale! One of the BEST ways to do this is to leverage your sales agency. 

If you are not already engaging with your sales agency, make sure to to do so before attending a GMDC conference.

Remember, your sales agency can provide you with:

  • Retail specific brand and category insights to take into your meetings with buyers
  • Recent or localized trends that have driven growth in your categories
  • Sales forecasting and market analysis that help you discuss future strategies
  • Broader sales context for your product
  • And much more!

Many GMDC members utilize a sales agency already. If you don’t however, let us help you!

A number of sales agency representatives attend our conferences to assist companies at a crucial time of engagement with customers and prospects. You can also utilize GMDC’s Service/Solution & Innovation Portal to discover a sales agency that is right for you.

Service/Solution & Innovation Portal