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GMDC Recognizes its Showcase Top 10 from the 2015 NGA Show

February 27, 2015

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Feb. 27, 2015  Global Market Development Center (GMDC) has released the names of the companies with the top 10 scanned items of the GMDC Showcase hosted at the 2015 National Grocers Association’s (NGA) Show.

The 2015 NGA Show was held Feb. 8-11 in Las Vegas and offered GMDC and its members the opportunity to bring the Showcase back to NGA’s Expo Floor for the second year in a row.

GMDC members exhibited their newest product lines in both general merchandise and health-beauty-wellness in the Showcase’s 3,000-square-foot pavilion. NGA retailers and wholesalers were invited to browse through the Showcase to review products in various merchandising vehicles and scan the ones of most interest. Products ranged in variety from floor and counter-top displays to pallet programs, clip strips and single retail items.

Following the NGA Show, GMDC tallied the scanned Showcase items, which consisted of 106 entries from 69 companies. The GMDC Showcase Top 10 from the 2015 NGA Show resulted in the following:

1.    Hottips Mobile Device Accessories Power Wing, Navajo Inc.

Hottips Mobile Device Accessories Power Wing features new box packaging and higher powered chargers. The line of connected equipment is guaranteed and it is speed and safety certified.

2.    L & R Product Line, L & R Distributors 

The L & R Product Line includes product ranging from general merchandise to health-beauty-wellness and specialty grocery.   

3.    2015 Best of the Best HBW Power Wing, Navajo Inc. 

Drive more sales with 14 of our best-selling Trial and Travel gravity fed Dispensits.

4.    Energetic Lighting Product Line, Energetic Lighting 

Energetic Lighting is a leading manufacturer and developer of energy efficient lighting products with more than 30 years of experience manufacturing compact fluorescent lamps and is one of the largest manufacturers of CFLs and T5 lamps in China. 

5.    Lifestyle Wine & Bar Tool Line, True Fabrications: 

True Fabrications is the leading wine lifestyle brand for thousands of wine retailers around the world.

6.    Lovehandle, DMD Products LLC. 

The LoveHandle® Phone/Tablet Grip is a universal grip attachment that adheres to any mobile device or tablet using a strong but removable no-residue 3M® peel-n-stick adhesive. 

7.    Aladdin Mason Collection, Aladdin-Stanley

There's a mason for every occasion, from smoothies to backyard parties to BBQ's. The Insulated Mason Tumblers are perfect for everyday drinking use - water, juice, iced tea, you-name-it. 

8.    Enoz Fruit Fly Trap Display, Willert Home Products Inc. 

Enoz Fruit Fly Trap is easy to use, non-toxic, safe for kids and pets, and lasts up to 30 days. The food grade lure results in two to one more attractions and kills than the leading competitor.

9.    Salute! Barware Power Wing, Navajo Inc. 

The Salute! Barware Power Wing is an impressive line of barware ranging in variety from openers to flasks to gift bags.

10.    Powerpack Back-up Battery, Powermax USA 

Driving value through low-cost, high-quality, branded products you can count on Powermax to be a prime manufacturer of chargers and POWERPACKs for mobile devices. 

To view a larger image of GMDC’s Showcase Top 10 visit 

GMDC has donated the majority of the Showcase products to the Shade Tree, a Las Vegas located charity dedicated to improving the lives of women, children and their pets affected by domestic violence and crisis situations.

For additional information regarding GMDC Conference Showcases contact Jason Weber at [email protected].