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3 Ways to Make Retail Sales Shine

March 30, 2015

Americans either love it or hate it. And I’m not talking about soccer or country music; I’m actually talking about spring cleaning.

If reading those two words just made you cringe, I can assure you, you’re not the only one. Molly Maid got the “dirty details” in 2014 and found that less than half of Americans plan on participating in spring cleaning each year. In fact, 93% would rather do anything else! 44% would prefer to speak in front of a large group and 30% would rather ride in a car for six hours with their in-laws… Yikes.

So there’s an obvious lack of excitement for spring cleaning, there’s no denying that, but there’s also a giant opportunity for retailers to create more excitement around spring cleaning. Because whether consumers are half-hearted or not about it, there are millions of people currently scrubbing this month, planning to scrub or waiting to be convinced to scrub their homes. So how can retailers take advantage of this top-of-mind issue that's looming in consumer's minds?

Here are three ways retailers can tidy up their spring cleaning marketing strategies to make their sales shine.

  • Define spring cleaning more broadly to include consumer electronics and financial paperwork cleanup. Abrasives and ammonia run the potential of hurting CE screens and exteriors. Market specialty products such as plastic mist spray bottles, microfiber terry cloths, canned air, and isopropyl alcohol and UV black lights to detect hidden dirt. Additionally, show consumers how to declutter papers – provide information on how long certain documents need to be held, offer options for finance and budgeting software, and carry storage boxes and file folders to manage what’s active.
  • Market to the emotions felt by many Boomers about spring cleaning, an activity that likely entails tossing items associated with memories. Express empathy for their difficulty. When encouraged by seminars or professional organizers Boomers might resist less and undertake the task.
  • Emphasize 'green' in product mix, real-life activities and web content. Earth Day overlaps the spring cleaning season and shares many of the same sentiments. The retailer BI-LO has provided tips to consumers in a blog called “Green Your Clean This Spring.”

What categories should retailers place emphasis on during spring cleaning season?

Cleaning / laundry / car wash supplies, kitchen and bath accessories, bug and pest repellents, paper goods, trash bags, air fresheners, food storage, floor care, closet organizers, shredders, electronics/mobile device cleaners, spray bottles, canned air, microfiber cloth, isopropyl alcohol... Yes, it takes all that to get things clean after a long winter.

No wonder so many people aren't fond of spring cleaning!

For more information about spring cleaning and why it matters to retailers, download the GMDC whitepapers, “Seasonal Best Practices: Part 1 and 2,” with supportive data provided by Nielsen. See the links below: