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Why You Need to Know the Future

December 7, 2015

As we come closer to the end of another year, there are a few important things you need to think about.

Yes, you. Reading this now.

We all know that most new year resolutions don't last long. But when was the last time you used your time to not only plan your business activities for the upcoming year, but also predict the future of your customers?

Better yet, what if you could know the future?

If you could do that, you'd be one in a million.

Warren Buffett is often touted as the “Oracle of Omaha.”  Many wonder how he knows when he’s going to drop money into something AND know he’s going to realize a large return?  He’s proven again and again that he has the understanding of business and its dynamics.  It’s truly a culmination of experience, foresight, and the ability to predict future opportunities and conditions - formed by years of rigorous focus and a willingness to play a hunch.

That kind of intuition, with decades of expertise by industry professionals, is available to you and your company through an electronic tool of data, insights and reports. You should keep reading.

Many businesses have learned the hard way over the past 8 years during the great recession. You have probably set many long-term goals, only to realize that accomplishing the short-term ones are tough enough. Examining your business, and your customers and prospects, includes evaluating the past and "visioning" the future. That kind of process involves an immense amount of time reviewing what you have done, calculating what you need to do, and ensuring your priorities have tangible value to your bottomline. And, perhaps more importantly, that you have the resources and bandwidth to sustain these efforts for weeks, months, or even years to come.

"Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is the definition of insanity." - Albert Einstein

If you are planning to set benchmarks for your business in 2016, and get answers to some very critical questions about the marketplaces you are targeting for growth, you can't afford to NOT know the future. 

The future is about life or death for your business.

Even though the world of retail is rapidly becoming consolidated, the variety of strategies for each banner is still dramatically different. As consumer segments across the country, state, regions and local markets are demanding more personalization about how they wish to be communicated to, it’s more important than ever to know how to go to market. 

The challenge in todays fast-paced environment is focusing on growing, and maintaining existing accounts, while on-boarding new ones. That's hard enough. If you could pinpoint exactly where the opportunities were, and where you need to pull back, and do that before your competitors could react...what would that be worth to you?

You'd transform your company strategy from being a fast-follower, to becoming aninnovator.

To find out what retail strategies are going to be executed in 2016, and beyond, I want you to know about a new resource. It's a retail portal of extensive insights to capture retail productivity and understanding of the strategies that each company will be performing against.

As a marketer or supplier, knowing what markets retailers are planning to penetrate, what shifts they are making in their merchandising mix, and how they are scaling up or down in footprint, is essential. Knowing that is where the magic happens, wouldn't you agree?

GMDC is offering a pilot access of this platform for any company, at no charge for 4 days with an option to cancel or continue on the 5th day.

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