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Sampler and GMDC Partner to Create the Trendsetter Panel

July 3, 2018

NEW YORK and TORONTO, July 5th, 2018 - Retailers constantly set out to find the next big trend to incorporate in their assortments and draw consumers to stores, especially in the hypercompetitive and disruptive marketplace they serve. Recognizing this, Global Market Development Center (GMDC) has recently formed a strategic partnership with Sampler, a product sampling technology organization, to launch the Retail Tomorrow Trendsetter Panel – a new initiative focused on connecting today’s buyers with tomorrow’s shoppers.

GMDC is a leading global retail industry trade association of nearly 50 years dedicated to serving its ecosystem of more than 600 retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and service/solution member companies by enabling consumer-facing innovation and retail reimagined. Retail Tomorrow is a GMDC industry initiative that organizes a community of innovators to promote uncommon collaboration between retailers, brands, technology leaders and universities. This unique ecosystem provides executives with the opportunity to connect to innovation, identify emerging technologies, share insights, and discover next-practices focused on enhancing the shopper experience.  GMDC's combined member volume represents more than 125,000 retail outlets and more than $500 billion in sales. 

"The Retail Tomorrow Trendsetter Panel is a unique opportunity to give our retailers access to quick consumer feedback on products they're looking to list,” said Patrick Spear, GMDC president & CEO.“With Sampler, our members will be able to give consumers the power to define what will be in the stores they visit.” 

Sampler is the global leader in digital product sampling, with operations in 17 countries and millions of members in North America. Leveraging the Sampler platform, brands with trending products will be able to submit their product for review with high-value consumers who shop in stores like Kroger, Dollar General, Albertson’s, H-E-B and more. By doing so, retail buyers from these different banners will be able to gain insights on which products are resonating with consumers, all while providing these new emerging products early market feedback that will be invaluable as they go to market.

The Retail Tomorrow Trendsetter Panel will begin with GMDC members identifying the key trends they’re looking for, and brands submitting products for review that fit within that trend. Sampler will then distribute trial-sized products to high-value shoppers, along with a digital consumer feedback survey. All consumer insights will be collected in real-time, compiled and published in a report summarizing the top trending products.

Participating retailers will receive the final report along with samples of trending products that would be a good match for their stores. “We think this is a unique opportunity not only for the retail buyers who are part of the GMDC membership, but also for the emerging products and brands Sampler works with every day,” said Marie Chevrier, founder of Sampler. “Our brands are always looking for new ways to get the attention of retail buyers.” 

Brand Participant benefits:

  • Exposure to 1,000 hyper-targeted consumers (ability to select a targeting segment)
  • Feature on the digital sampling program of leading publishers, such as and
  • During- and post-campaign product feedback and ratings
  • Ability to re-market to consumers who register to your newsletter (estimated 50 percent registration rate)
  • Ability to set up a follow-up coupon to be included with your sample and to drive to e-commerce or retail
  • Concrete end-of-campaign report that can be utilized during retail strategic meetings
  • Publication and feature of your product in a trend report created by GMDC


Retailer Participant benefits:

  • Curate a list of upcoming product trends for the quarter ahead
  • Receive high-value consumer feedback enabling the identification of leaders in new trends
  • Complimentary with a GMDC membership


About GMDC

Global Market Development Center (GMDC) energizes members and the marketplace by advancing a culture of Connect-Collaborate-Create-Commerce. As the leading GM and HBW trade association, GMDC is dedicated to serving its ecosystem of more than 600 General Merchandise and Health Beauty Wellness retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and service/solution member companies by enabling consumer-facing innovation and retail reimagined. GMDC's combined member volume represents more than 125,000 retail outlets and more than $500 billion in sales. To learn more, visit 

About Sampler

UsingSampler, brands no longer need to hand out product samples at random in grocery stores or street corners, and can get their product into the right hands. Sampler’s product sampling management and insights platform helps brands distribute product samples to hyper-targeted audiences. Along the way, Sampler’s turnkey solution helps brands gather consumer feedback and demographic insights that will increase successful trial and in-turn conversion rates.

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