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Product Sampling

GMDC has formed a strategic partnership with Sampler, a product sampling technology organization, to launch the Retail Tomorrow Trendsetter Panel and Product Sampling Platform - a new initiative focused on connecting today's retail buyers with tomorrow's shoppers. The Trendsetter panel will allow GMDC retail members to identify key trends they are looking for, and at the same time, brands submitting products for review will gain insights into products that fit within those trends.

How It Works:

Sampler distributes trial-sized product to high-value shoppers, along with a digital consumer feedback survey. All consumer insights are collected in real-time, compiled, and then published in a report summarizing the top trending products. Participating retailers will receive the final report along with samples of trending products that would be a good match for their stores. 

Benefits for Participating Brands:

  • Exposure to 1,000+ hyper-targeted consumers (ability to select a targeting segment)
  • During and post-campaign product feedback and ratings
  • Ability to set-up a follow-up coupon to be included with your sample and to drive to e-commerce or retail 
  • Concrete end of campaign report that can be utilized for your retail meetings

Benefits For Retailer Participants:

  • You will curate the list of upcoming product trends for the quarter ahead
  • You will receive high-value consumer feedback that will enable you to identify leaders in new trends
  • Complimentary with your GMDC membership!

Download More Information    Guide To Why Sampling Works Case Study

"We think this is a unique opportunity not only for the retail buyers who are part of the GMDC membership but also for the emerging products and brands Sampler works with every day. Our brands are always looking for new ways to get the attention of retail buyers." - Marie Chevrier, Founder of Sampler

Interested in learning more about Retail Tomorrow? Visit our website today or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  

Questions? Contact Tom Duffy via email or phone  609-923-6630 with any questions about Sampler or their services.