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SEC Reception, Dinner & Speaker

Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 6:45 - 9:00 pm | Cibolo Ballroom 5-7

Join us for dinner and drinks and a special presentation from Scott Stratten, UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding & Relationship Expert. Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing. He is one of the leading speakers in the world when it comes to helping audiences embrace the age of disruption, and has also been named one of the top 10 marketing Gurus by Business Review.

The Age Of Disruption: Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different

We’re in the age of disruption. Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate.  Every week, it seems there is a new strategy, social media site or technology that is a “must use” or a “game changer”. What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright shiny business object is that at the core of business while everything has changed, nothing is different. Trust, connection, consistency and service will always trump any new app to hit the market.

In this keynote, Stratten will walk the audience through what is real and what are only smoke screens in the business world today. You will walk away understanding the following:

  • The Millennial Myth:  The younger generation may create new challenges for business, but not in the way people are saying.
  • Social Media Snake Oil: Why social media is a poor sales and marketing tool, what it’s really meant for, and how understanding this will actually lead to the best success for your company online.
  • The Digital Decision: Your market today is forming buying decisions well before coming to you. Marketing today means getting in front of them when they’re making these important choices.